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EXTENDED DRIVING TESTS in Tilbury, Hornchurch, Basildon, Brentwood and all surrounding areas of Essex

Do you need to take an extended driving test?

If you are in the unfortunate position of having to re-take your driving test, or having to take an extended driving test due to having your licence withdrawn.  We can advise you on how to proceed.

In most cases if you have Disqualification until 'test pass' or 'extended test pass'

The DVLA will send you a reminder 56 days before your disqualification ends - use this to apply for a new provisional driving licence.

If you were disqualified for some alcohol-related offences, the DVLA will make medical enquiries before you can renew your driving licence.  The DVLA will write to you and tell you what to do.

Once you have your new provisional driving licence contact us and we will arrange an assessment lesson, the instructor will then discuss with you what you will need to do to pass your practical driving test.

You will also need to re-take your theory test.  Links to book your theory test and practical test can be found on this page, or we can book for you.

Extended driving test fees

If you’re disqualified until ‘extended test pass’, you will need to book an extended practical test which lasts 70 minutes, which is much longer than a standard practical driving test.

The fee for an extended test at this time is £124.00.

The fee for a standard practical driving test is £62.00.

What to expect on your Driving test or Extended driving test.

The DSA website states:

“Before you start the driving ability part of your test, you’ll have an eyesight check and be asked 2 vehicle safety questions.

Eyesight check

You’ll have to read a number plate from a distance of:

You can write down what you see if you can’t speak English or have difficulty reading.

New-style number plates start with 2 letters followed by 2 numbers, eg AB51 ABC.

You’ll fail your driving test and the test won’t continue if you can’t pass the eyesight test.

Vehicle safety questions: ‘show me, tell me’

You’ll be asked 2 vehicle safety questions. These are also known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions.

The examiner will ask you one ‘show me’ question, where you’ll have to show them how you’d carry out a vehicle safety check.

You’ll also be asked one ‘tell me’ question, where you’ll have to explain to the examiner how you’d carry out the check.”

The driving ability part

For a standard driving test, the driving part of your test will last about 40 minutes. Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving.  If you’re taking an extended driving test because of a driving disqualification, the test will last 70 minutes. (At least 60 minutes of this is usually driving)

“Your general driving ability

During your test the examiner will give you directions that you should follow. You’ll drive in various road and traffic conditions. You should drive in the way your instructor has trained you.

It should include:

You might also be asked to carry out an emergency stop.

Reversing your vehicle safely

You’ll have to show how well you can reverse your vehicle. The examiner will ask you to do one of the following exercises:

Independent driving section

Your driving test will include around 10 minutes of independent driving It’s designed to assess your ability to drive safely while making decisions on your own.

If you make mistakes

Carry on if you make a mistake, because if it’s not a serious mistake it might not affect your result.”

On the Extended driving test we have found that on some occasions you may be asked to do an extra manoeuvre or maybe all the manoeuvres (Examiners discretion).

Please note, the extended test is not harder than the standard practical test but due to the extra time it does allow you more time to make mistakes.

Click here to book your theory test.  Theory test fee is £25.00

CLICK here to book a practical driving test.  Don’t forget before you book your test check with your instructor for their personal reference number, you will want your instructor available for you on the day of your test.

Practical test fee is £62 (weekday)

Extended test fee is £124.00 (Weekday)

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FIVESTAR Driver Training can help you pass your extended driving test in all local areas including Grays, Tilbury, South Ockendon, Hornchurch, Upminster, Brentwood, Basildon, Essex. We offer professional driving tuition in manual and automatic dual controlled cars.  Contact us today for a no obligation assessment.  Hour and a half £35 (Available Monday-Sunday)