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The instructors and staff at Five Star Driver Training would like to congratulate all of our driving test passes and thank all of the pupils who have contributed to this page.  Please note this is not a full list of practical test passes from instructors at FIVESTAR. click here for test passes from :  2012    2011    

If you are a previous pupil of Five Star Driver Training and would like to add your picture, comments and or picture and comments please email learnwithfivestar@live.co.uk.   Or if you would like to comment on one of the Facebook posts below, click on the “Like” button and add you comments.

Testimonials for January 2013

Ben Ryan passed his test on 9th January 2013. “Thanks Dean I had some bad habits and made a few mistakes but you stayed calm and showed me the correct way ”

Martin Allchin passed his test first time at Tilbury on 19th January 2013.  “Thanks to Gary for his great tuition. Really chuffed!”

Kevin from Tilbury who passed with 4 faults on 19th January 2013 after completing a 15 hour Crash Course.  “Thanks Stefan”

Sam passed her test at Tilburyn on 17th January 2013. “Thanks Stefan”

Lewis Riley passed his test at Tilbury with 2 minor faults on 14th January 2013.  “Thanks Teena”

Issy from Tilbury passed on 25th January 2013 at Tilbury after a 20 hour Crash Course. First time pass with 4 faults. "Thanks Stefan"

Chong Xin He. Passed his practical driving test 24th January 2013 at Tilbury test centre. “Thanks Chau” 

Ngozi passed her test with Geoff on 17th January 2013. “Very happy”

Samuel passed his test at Tilbury with Dean on 17th January 2013.  “Thanks for allowing me to take my test at such short notice.  “Hello Dean. I appreciate the guidance u gave me over the past few days, it helped me a lot. U were very punctual and extremely useful, Thanks a lot”.

Keith Passed his test at Tilbury on 17th January 2013.  “Thanks Dean for your support from start to finish you have a unique skill there mate I couldn’t have done it without you.  We got there in the end, started in December passed in January.  Wicked, I would recommend FIVESTAR to anyone mate.

Thanks Dean!!!!!!!!!! Keith

Emma from Purfleet passed her test at Hornchurch first time with 2 minor faults with Gary. “Thanks”

Kim from Dunton Village passed on 11th January 2013 at Basildon with 4 faults. "Thanks Stefan".

Bianca passed her practical test at Tilbuey on 28th January 2013. “Thanks Geoff”

Sophie May, passed her test at Tilbury on 30th January 2013.  “I passed my test with Teena last week! :D five star helped me to build my confidence quickly which can't have been easy, all thanks to her patience! Learning to drive was fun and I miss my lessons already!xxx”

Danielle passed 10 Jan 2013 at Tilbury “Thank you to Graham and FIVESTAR for helping me pass”

Testimonials for February 2013

Sean Pittom passed at Basildon on 8th February 2013. “Thanks Stefan for all your help.  You’ve been so helpful all the way through, I’m glad that I had a positive achievement to add to your list of passes and I would recommend anyone to come to you, great tutor and great guy.  Thank you again”

Danny Sambridge (& Teena) passed his practical driving test at Tilbury on 11th February 2013.  First time pass.  “Thanks Teena”

Daniel Peter McWilliams passed his practical test on 13th February 2013 with Teena.

Betina passed her test on 25th February.  “Thanks Annette”

Shaun passed his practical test on 26th February with Geoff in an Automatic.  “Thanks Geoff”

Tommy Davis from Hornchurch passed at hornchurch on 26th Febryary.  “Thanks Gary”

Emily Rose passed her test on 25th february 2013 at Tilbury with Teena.

Paige Alden passed with Teena on 22nd February 2012.  “Thanks Teena”

Cliff Lee passed his test with Dean.

Mitchell from Corringham who passed his test at Tilbury on 28th February 2013 with Gary. “Thanks Fivestar”

Paulo from Purfleet passed on 25th February.  “Thanks Gary”

James from Northfleet, Kent passed at Tilbury on 22nd February after completing a 30 hour Crash Course. "Thanks Stefan".

Laura Bruton passed her practical test on 12th February 2013 at Tilbury with Teena. “Passed my driving test today first time, with only 3 minors thanks to the best instructor”

Jack passed 1st time at Tilbury on 6 Feb 2013 “FIVESTAR would be my only recommendation for all driving aspects from theory to intensive

Mia from Grays passed 1st time at Tilbury on 1st Feb 2013 “Thank you so much Graham you star. First driving test and I have passed!! Woo!! Thank you so much. Mia

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